Hotels and boarding houses in Ludwigsburg, Konstanz and Heilbronn

THE HARBR. SPIRIT - ['ha:bƏr] or ['ha:rbɚ]

At the HARBR., we don't want to reinvent the world of hotels. Only make better. Be closer to people. To their requirements. Which is why we constantly ask ourselves how we would prefer it. Because our own experience tells us what is missing in many other places. What is missed as a guest when on the road. At HARBR. we would like to close this gap.

Hospitality and warmth, character and openness, authenticity and reliability as well as respect, tolerance and a sense of responsibility – these values are our compass. They form the basis for our day-to-day work and dealings with guests, colleagues, suppliers and partners.

Hotels are ten a penny. We are a harbour. A home harbour. A place to anchor with ambience. A place for switching off. Or opening up. But always with character and style. Land ahoy! Arrive. Let go. Tie up.

Welcome to the HARBR.

Our history

In 2009, DQuadrat Real Estate GmbH was founded as a project development company for the the Dürr by Dr. Albert Dürr and Oliver Wilm in Ludwigsburg.

In 2014, our expertise and passion for hotels led us to formulating ideas and a business plan for our own hotel management company.

Planning for both initial projects, the HARBR. boarding house and the BE:AT student homes also commenced in 2014.

Founded in 2015 as a 100% subsidiary of DQuadrat Real Estate, DQuadrat Living trades with high professional standards.

DQuadrat Real Estate works to the rules of the RICS real estate association, and we feel equally bound by these rules of contact.

At the start of 2015 we presented our ideas, concepts and initial floor plan solutions to the marketing agency Floor7..

The location for the project in Ludwigsburg's 'Bleyle-Quartier', the site of the former Bleyle knitwear factory with the well-known sailor suit was emblematic of the world of colours and an initial direction for marketing the basic concept.

Marke HARBR. hotel & boardinghouse

In May 2015 the brand was registered and protected. Since then we have been living and shaping the HARBR. hotel & boarding house brand


Durign the construction phase we developed the concepts further, implemented the first systems, and organised everything for the successful opening of Harbr. boarding house Ludwigsburg and BE:AT Student Homes in September 2016.


12. September 2017 groundbreaking ceremony for the HARBR. Hotel Heilbronn in 'Zukunftspark Wohlgelegen' on the picturesque banks of the Neckar.


11. October 2017, laying of the HARBR. hotel Konstanz foundation stone - right on the lush oasis of the Herosé Park

3 May 2018 Harbr. Hotel Heilbronn topping out ceremony


15 May 2018 Harbr. Hotel Konstanz topping out ceremony

Our values

Environment and sustainability 
Despite being an overused term, we still want sustainability to apply to us. All of our buildings are constructed, developed and operated as carbon neutral. The economical use of resources is to be a priority for every member of staff. Although specific certification for the business is checked, it is less important to us than acting responsibility.

A high degree of quality is important to us. We also deal openly with mistakes, as this is the only way for anyone to improve.

What is our long-term goal?
Implementing our interpretation of hospitality at the HARBR. hotels and boarding houses at central locations in Germany.
Our growth is not driven by figures, rather is aimed at locations and opportunities.

What added value do we offer our guests?
Feeling at home in a modern and informal atmosphere, security, safety and 'being in good hands. We know that the guest pays our wages. We constantly ask ourselves: "Has my answer helped the guest?"

What can we do better than others?
We are easygoing, non-standardises, unconventional. We have a very good concept, which has won guests over. We are on site and personally approachable. We do not fit any pattern. We are convinced by our concept. We are strong personalities and work every day with
commitment and passion. We act according to the conviction of Cesar Ritz: "We are Ladies and Gentlemen, serving Ladies and Gentlemen!"


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We're a good place to be. We offer protections and security. We are a safe harbour for our guests and staff.